BROZEL (Overcall opponents 1NT if you have distribution)

(1NT) X        Relay to 2C. You have a one suited hand.
  2C        You have C and H.
  2D        D and H.
  2H        H and S.
  2S        S and a minor.
  2NT        Both minors.
(1NT) X   Pass    Partner wants to defend.
(1NT) X   2C    Partner obeys.
  Pass        Your suit is C. You pass.
  2D        Your suit is D. You correct.
(1NT) X   2D    Partner does not obey. He has excellent D.
(1NT) 2S   2NT    Partner wants to know which minor.
(1NT) Pass (Pass) X    Brozel is used in balancing seat also.


CHECKBACK STAYMAN (When as responder you have 10+ HCP, 5 cards major and partner's second bid is 1NT)

1D   1H    
1NT   2C      Asking opener if he has 3 cards H.


 JACOBY 2NT (When partner has opened one of a major)

1S   2NT      You show 4 card S support. Game force.


 JACOBY TRANSFERS (To make the stronger hand declarer)

1NT   2D      Transfer to 2H.  0+ points.
1NT   2H      Transfer to 2S.  0+ points.
1NT   2D      
2H          Automatic reply from partner.
1NT   2D      
3H          Partner has opened max. and has 4 cards H support. You decide: Pass, 3NT or 4H.
1NT   2H      Transfer to 2S.
2S   Pass      5 cards S.  0-7 points,
    3S      5 cards S.  8-9 points. Partner will decide: Pass, 3NT or 4S.
    3NT      10-14 points, balanced hand.
    4S      6+ cards S. Signoff.
2NT   3D      Transfer to 3H.  0+ points.
2NT   3H      Transfer to 3S.  0+ points.


 LEBENSOHL (When opponents have overcalled your partner's 1NT)

1NT (2C) X      For penalty. You have 8 HCP balanced hand.


2H      Your 2H is natural. 5+ cards H.  0-6 HCP.
1NT (2S) 3H      3H is natural and forcing. 10+ HCP.
1NT (2H) 2NT      Relay to 3C. You have a one suited hand.
1NT (2H) 2NT    
3C   Pass      0-6 HCP, 6 pieces C.
    3D      3D is signoff. Weak hand. Has 5+ cards D.
1NT (2H) 2NT    
3C   3S      Inviting game in S (you could have bid 2S over 2H if you were weak).
1NT (2H) 3H      Stayman. No H guard.
1NT (2H) 2NT    
3C   3H      Stayman. Showing H guard.
1NT (2S) 2NT    
3C   3NT      Showing S stopper.
1NT (2S) 3NT      10-14 HCP. No 4 card major, no S stopper.


 LEBENSOHL (Used over preempts also)

(2H) X   2NT  
  3C   3D    No 4 cards support for S. Has 5+ pieces D. Weak.
(2H) X   3D    No 4 cards support for S. Has 5+ pieces D. 10+ HCP.


 MICHAELS (Cue bid opponents natural opening if you have two long suits of similar quality)

(1C) 2C        Majors min. 5-5  (or 5-4).
(1D) 2D        Majors min. 5-5  (or 5-4).
(1H) 2H        S and a minor.
(1S) 2S        H and a minor.
(1S) 2S   2NT    Partner wants to know which minor (no H support).


 REVERSE DRURY (When you support your partner's 3rd seat major opening with 10+ pts.)

Pass (Pass) 1S   2C  You have 10-12 total points, 3+ cards S.
Pass (Pass) 1S   2C  
    2S      Partner has opened light.
    2D      He has a normal opening hand.
    2H      Normal opening hand. He also has 4+ cards H.


 ROMAN KEY CARD BLACKWOOD (Keycards are the 4 aces and the trump king)

4NT          How many key cards do you have?
4NT   5C      0 or 3.
    5D      1 or 4.
    5H      2 without the trump queen.
    5S      2 with the trump queen.


 SPLINTER (Over partners major opening)

1H   4D      11+ total points, 4 card support, D void (or singleton).
    3S      11+ total points, 4 card support, S void (or singleton).


STAYMAN (Partner has opened 1NT and you have 4 card major(s) and 8+ HCP)

1NT   2C      Asking for 4 card majors.
2D          No 4 card major.
2H          4 H present (4 card S may also be present)
2S          4S present (no 4 card H)
1NT   2C      
2D   2NT      Invitation to 3NT. You have a balanced hand with 8-9 HCP.


 SUPPORT DOUBLE (Make use of opponents' intervention to show a 3 card support for partner's suit)

1H   1S (2C)    Intervention with a suit.
X          3 cards S (you would have shown support with 4 cards).
1H   1S (X)    Intervention with double.
XX          3 cards S (you would have shown support with 4 cards). 


 TEXAS TRANSFERS (With 6 card major and no slam interest)

1NT   4D      Transfer to 4H.  6+ cards H.
1NT   4H      Transfer to 4S.  6+ cards S.
1NT (3C) 4D      Texas is on until 3C.



(1C) 2NT        Two unbid lower ranking suits (here D and H).


 WEAK JUMP SHIFT (Opponents butt in, and you have weak hand with a long suit)

1C (1D) 2S      2-5 points. 6 cards S.
1C (1D) 3S      5-7 points. 6 cards S.